IDA partners up with GCREST to launch “Yume100” in January 2016

Bangkok, Thailand – 7 December 2015 – Index Asia Ltd. (“IDA”) has announced a partnership with GCREST, Inc. (“GCREST”) to launch a new game, Yume Oukoku to Nemureru 100-nin no Ouji-sama (“YUME100”) in Thailand. YUME100 is slated for open for pre-register on 7 December 2015, and official launch on App Store and Google Play in January 2016.

YUME100 is a puzzle role-playing game which features both romantic narrative and addictive gameplay, and is regarded as one of the most successful games for women in 2015. The game has initially been published in Japan in March, and successfully surpassed 2 million downloads within 7 months. It subsequently expanded to China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau markets in September.

IDA foresees that “Otome Game”, the Japanese word for romantic games for women, would become a new trend in Thailand in the near future regarding the skyrocketing ratio of female gamers. IDA’s go-to-market strategy is to use YUME100 as the first cornerstone to mature game for women market in the territory.

To localize YUME100, the user interface and screenplay are translated from Japanese to Thai, the character voices, however, remain in original because of IDA’s intention to preserve the authentic user experience. The character voices are given by well-known Japanese voice actors, and can be one of the attracting factors in the market.

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